Our Story

eComApps was founded on the idea that eCommerce should make collecting information and fundraising easier. Paul Travis and Eli Wood founded eComApps because of the need they saw for feature-rich eCommerce pages. Often self-service options do not fit the needs of clients in the marketplace. In addition, they saw that “work-arounds” were used where additional technologies could be incorporated to satisfy the need perfectly.

Our founders, Paul and Eli, meet while working together. Their friendship started during project collaboration, it grew on the racquetball court, and blossomed because they both wanted uncompromising solutions. Their desire to use the appropriate technology to achieve the best solution spurred them to start eComApps.

Paul has been working with computers for over forty-five years (yes that was before the PC revolution) and with database and related technology for most of that time. His work experience includes systems programming, aerospace application development, computer sales, computer services and application sales, not-for-profit program manager, sole proprietor, and CRM managing consultant and solutions consultant. When not working on eComApps projects and management, Paul is kept busy by four children and eighteen grandkids. Paul and his wife, Bev, live in central Indiana where he is active in his church and personally involved with foreign missions. Paul loves to travel and has visited each of the 50 states and 10 foreign countries across 4 continents. One of Paul’s gifts is to serve others and he has stated many times that “helping people is fun!”

Eli started building and using computers before they were cool. In fact, since purchasing a 286 at a garage sale he had built all of his own computers until he and his wife, Ginger, purchased a laptop that came with a warranty in 2012. This love of computers has led down many paths and positions. He has worked as: IT help desk, CAD tech, phone support, programmer, designer, graphic designer, and web developer. As a life long learner, he loves the challenges each new project brings. He resides with his wife and their two sons in central Indiana. Away from the office he enjoys spending time with his family, photography, and is a member of the tech team for his church. Eli likes to travel, but is not able to boast the same stats as Paul. Eli has only visited 27 states and 2 foreign countries – and it annoys him because he is very competitive.

Our purpose is to provide quality state-of-the-art tools, processes, and services so that you can follow your passion and fulfill your dreams.