Advanced Features

Partial Payments for your golf outing, conference, family event, and gala can be included in the transaction with the balance sent in via check.

Send a Check option preserves all of the registration data and places a pledge in the database for easy tracking and payment processing.

Multiple Registrations for your golf outing, conference, family event, and gala can have complex pricing, a single credit card transaction, and a database field structure that makes queries and reports easy.

Complex pricing includes multiple registrations, multiple priced items, and type of registration pricing that can all be included in a single page with one credit card transaction.

Additional Fields or questions can be added to the page and the data can be stored in the appropriate fields. Examples would be “How did you hear about us”, or gender, or Birth date.

Look and Feel of your existing website can be implemented on your eComApps page to provide a seamless integration and reduce constituent concern. You can embed the pages into your website page thereby using your website look and fee directly. The Look and Feel can also be pulled from a published page such as an existing eCommerce page or a website page.

Hide/Show is the ability to display or not display a portion of the eCommerce page based on a value or selection made by the constituent. An example would be to display tribute fields only if the donor indicates the transaction is a tribute. Our standard pages use Hide/Show for tributes, golfer names and handicaps, attendee names and meal choice, company name, and more.

Calculation is the ability to apply a formula based on a value or selection made by the constituent. An example would be for pricing to be based on the type of registration.

Images can be added to the eComApps page but the use of images should be limited and enhance the user experience. Images showing the location of an event or a premium are examples. If the page is embedded into your website, you can add the images and text immediately above or beside the form reducing form edits.

Attachment is the ability to attach a file to the Journal Entry. For example, an application form, or copy of a Driver’s License.

URL Pass-thru Values are values such as amount, fund, project, name, etc. that are collected on the organization’s website and passed to the eComApps page to be used to populate fields or make decisions on the page. For example, a website could pass the name of a sponsored child to a Child Sponsorship page.

Dynamically Updated Database Fields can occur when the page collects data for a field that already has a value. The new value can replace the old value or indicate an additional value. An example is a field that indicates the current membership expiration date. When the membership is renewed, the new expiration date will be reflected in the expiration date field.